Sleep Paralysis

Sleep has always frightened me. You get yourself “ready” for bed. You put on a specific outfit, say your goodnights as if you’ll never see people again, and then position your body onto a large slab of cushion and close your eyes for 8 hours or more. Even at the ripe age of 8, I realized how creepy that all sounded. I had suffered from sleep terrors as a youngster, and the idea of allowing yourself to reach such a vulnerable state of mind didn’t sit well me, and it still doesn’t.

My first bout of sleep paralysis that I actually remember was at 22. I was living in an old brick apartment alone, and my place already exhibited some creepy tendencies. I had awoken abruptly, as though someone had slapped me across the face. Right away I knew I wasn’t alone, there was something laying next to my bed. But no matter how hard I tried to lift my head, or my body, I was paralyzed. I could feel something crawling up the side of my bed, and slithering across my covers. I could FEEL the sheets shift as though something was making its way slowly towards me. After what felt like 15-20 minutes, I shot up and threw my covers across the room. Nothing. Nothing was there, but I was soaking wet with sweat.
I continued to have a few more similar experiences while living in this specific apartment.

Now I understand, for the most part, how Sleep Paralysis works. Nothing paranormal about it, just your brain being weird. However, I do find it strange that my strongest and strangest experiences with sleep paralysis occurred at that specific apartment. So this makes me think of 2 possibilities. 1) my apartment was haunted as shit and something was definitely messing with me or 2) my environment played a huge part in my psyche and sleep patterns.


Although sleep paralysis can be explained from a scientific standpoint, I think it does have somewhat of a paranormal backbone. The fact that we have horrifying images and thoughts buried deep into our subconscious that only come out while we lay flat on our backs in a dark room suggests the dark nature of human beings begs to be released. I tend to believe human beings are innately good. But who are we after we cross the REM threshold?


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